Grants and Funding

There are a number of grant schemes available to schools throughout the year. Some of the key funding streams are highlighted below with the activities Learn by Design can provide.

Institute of Physics School Grants Scheme

The Science and Technology Facilities Council, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and the Institute of Physics run a scheme which provides schools with grants of up to £500 for projects or events linked to the teaching or promotion of physics or engineering. It’s open to all UK educational institutions catering for young people aged 5-19. Deadlines are as follows:

Summer term 2015 activity : 1st February 2016
Autumn term 2015 activity : 1st June 2016
Spring term 2016 activity : 1st November 2016

Activities linked to astronomy, space and particle physics are particularly encouraged, as are those relating to engineering in areas such as energy, transport, information and communications, design and production and the built environment.  The funding could be used to cover our Secrets of STEM show which is suitable for all year groups and group sizes or as part payment for a full day of STEM workshops. Further information and application form can be found here.

Royal Institution STEM Grants

Grants of up to £500 will be available from January 2015 to eligible state funded schools or academies towards hosting a STEM activity in order to inspire future generations in science, technology, engineering and maths.

The grants, offered by the Royal Institution and funded by The Causeway Foundation, are designed to cover the cost of a STEM activity listed in the online STEM Directories.

Learn by Design can offer Secrets of STEM under this funding scheme.  An interactive show suitable for primary and schools which removes some of the myths around what it takes to be a scientist and follow a STEM based career.

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