Enterprise Workshops


A series of Enterprise Workshops to increase understanding of the business world covering a variety of topics ranging from sales and marketing to finance.

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Sales and Marketing introduces participants to the tricks of the trade and the techniques used in targeting adverts. Students then work in small groups to design their own adverts and develop a sales pitch designed to build confidence and presentation skills.

Personal Target Setting uses four pieces of cutting edge sports testing equipment to help participants understand more about the principles of setting SMART targets. Participants are given progressive levels of detail to measure targets and to establish a trend. The session closes with target setting techniques and application.

Business Planning involves a number of tasks to help young people identify the key skills that entrepreneurs possess. Prioritisation will be a highlight with a focus on high profile entrepreneurs to demonstrate the differences in career path. A simple SWOT analysis tool will also be used.

Finance looks at cash flow using a simple but effective model. The benefits of a variety of finance sources will be covered along with examples of capitals costs and revenue expenditures.

Who wants to be an entrepreneur? – a quiz with a twist. Using wireless remotes, participants are guided through series of questions based on the workshops.

Communication focuses on the impacts and methods used to transfer information. A host of practical tasks and challenges using tone, word choice and body language, demonstrate the effect of each individual’s communication style.

Learning Outcomes

  • Teamwork
  • Presentation Skills
  • Skills For Success
  • Personal Target Setting
  • Communications

Specialist Equipment

  • Qwizdom Wireless Remotes
  • Sprint Timing Gates
  • Rowing Machines
  • Kick Speed Testing Cage
  • Batak Reaction Board
  • Various Props & Showpieces
"The Enterprise day ran very smoothly and the team were a credit in the way they engaged all pupils. It was great to see some of our disaffected pupils getting stuck into some mathematical challenges! We were very impressed and will certainly like to run a day again with other year groups."

Aylestone Business and Enterprise College

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