STEM Workshops


Our STEM workshops are designed to provide an interactive and engaging experience to support classroom based science, technology, engineering and maths. A range of soft skills such as teamwork and communication complement the academic elements to give learners a comprehensive overview of this exciting area.

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Practical Physics will help young people understand basic principles of physics as they test their speed, strength and reactions on four pieces of cutting edge sports testing equipment. A worksheet will allow learners to record their scores and challenge them with relevant problems.

Circuit Building is a highly practical session that enables young people to improve their knowledge of electrical components and the flow of current through a circuit by using our robust kits. As they build their way through a series of circuit challenges they will also improve their problem solving and troubleshooting skills.

Wind Turbines raises awareness of wind energy and highlights some useful facts to aid participants in constructing and testing model wind turbines. Using a voltmeter, the power generated by wind turbines can be measured and the effects of varied numbers/angles of blades investigated.

Robotics covers the effect robots have had in modern times and how quickly machines have transformed from assembly lines to astronauts. Young people will spend the majority of the session deciding which robotic attachment will assist their remote control robot and complete a challenge using practical skills and teamwork.

Design & Deliver defines innovation in two branches; a brand new idea or a unique twist on an existing idea. Supported by physical props and presentation information participants will learn why it is important to be innovative, along with basic design theory. Participants then present their ideas on designing and delivering their own innovation to the rest of the group.

STEMployment Learn about the variety of skills required to be a professional in the world of STEM, whilst discovering a host of untypical careers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Decision Making
  • Teamwork
  • Presentation Skills
  • Creative Ideas
  • Communications

Specialist Equipment

  • Qwizdom Wireless Remotes
  • Sprint Timing Gates
  • Rowing Machines
  • Kick Speed Testing Cage
  • Batak Reaction Board
  • Robots & Attachments
  • Solar Buggies & Testing Equipment
  • Wind Turbines & Testing Equipment
  • Various Props & Showpieces
"Thank you for such a successful and inspirational day for our students. The mentors pitched the workshops at exactly the right level, as well as being totally engaging and incredibly organised. The student feedback was excellent. I hope we will be able to work with you again in the near future."

Charles Dickens School, Broadstairs, Kent

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