What is Aspire 2 Me?

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Aspire 2 Me is a recently established programme from Learn by Design aimed at delivering 5-star teacher rated workshops for young people, through the essence of sport and wellbeing. The programme achieves this goal through interactive workshops, motivational talks and educational programmes led by professional and Olympian athletes. Using the methods and work ethics athletes need to succeed and prosper in their specialist fields, Aspire 2 Me raises the aspirations of young people by helping them to achieve their desired life goals.  


Aspire 2 Me also offer training sessions for businesses and organisations helping to build the aspirations of employees in the workplace. These sessions can be used for recruitment and interview days. 

What we can offer you:



Athlete Day


School Day

The Aspire 2 me programmes have been brilliant and we have seen ex-athletes deliver inspirational speeches as well as leading motivational sessions for pupils from Y9-Y13. The students and teachers always come away inspired and we will definitely be continuing to use them this year!