Aspire 2 Me

Raising aspirations through the essence of sport & wellbeing

Aspire 2 Me is a recently established programme from Learn by Design aimed at delivering 5-star teacher rated workshops for young people, through the essence of sport and wellbeing. The programme achieves this goal through interactive workshops, motivational talks and educational programmes led by professional and Olympian athletes. Using the methods and work ethics athletes need to succeed and prosper in their specialist fields, Aspire 2 Me raises the aspirations of young people by helping them to achieve their desired career goals.

Aspire 2 Me also offer training sessions for businesses and organisations helping to build the aspirations of employees in the workplace. These sessions can be used for recruitment and interview days.

What we can offer you:

Assemblies, Inspirational Talks & Presentation Evenings – From £175
Increase your students aspirations with an assembly delivered by a professional athlete. This can be tailored for a set group, year group or custom group that would benefit from the experience.

Our athletes can also be available for presentation evenings, awards ceremonies and graduations, where they can deliver a short speech and present awards. This is a fantastic morale boost for learners, who will be able to have photo opportunities with the athlete.

National Citizen Service Day- From £250
​Have a professional athlete support and deliver workshops on the NCS program, for a full day. These days can be within the Adventure, Discovery & Social Action phases. You can book multiple days and even have the athlete present at the final graduation ceremony.

Athlete Day – From £250
One of the Aspire 2 Me athletes of your choosing, dependant on their availability, will spend a whole day at school, supporting normal everyday classes or pre-organised sessions. 

Rotational School Day Workshops  – From £1400
Rotational School Day Workshops include: Mental Health & Wellbeing, Overcoming Failures, Goal Setting, Inspirational Talks, Big Kit and Team Building.

These workshops can be tailored to a year group of your choice. They are designed to fit around the school schedule, with each session lasting approximately 1 hour. You can choose to have 5 or 6 sessions on the day, picking the ones that best suits you.

TONY LORMOR – Aspire 2 Me Lead Athlete

Tony Lormor is a former professional footballer and a native Geordie who has lived in the East Midlands for the last 27 years. He has made over 400 appearances in the football league throughout his 16-year career, playing for teams such as Newcastle United and Lincoln City.

Since retiring from football through injury in 2002, Tony has pursued his passion to make a difference and give back to his community. As a father of 4, he has seen the challenges young people face when leaving school and through his experience, he has an enhanced opportunity to help progress students into their dream careers. For the past 5 years, Tony has worked closely with young adults to make a positive change within their lives by teaching them the skills they need to tackle the world of work after school.

In his spare time, Tony loves watching and competing in a range of sports activities and enjoys camping with his children. He is extremely grateful for the amazing opportunity to make a small change in the world for young people!