The Enterprise Challenge

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Groups of approximately 30 learners

Keystage 2

2-2.5 hours

About the Course

A day exploring and developing the skills and attributes you need to become an entrepreneur. 

Pupils are set challenges and work in teams on a project to develop and promote a product aimed at children. 

The activity starts with an introduction to small, medium and large businesses and what makes them successful. As a group learners identify what makes a good invention and business idea. Their first creative task is to work in a team and design a product, considering their target audience and it’s USP plus designing a logo and slogan. 

The second part of their challenge is thinking about how products are marketed successfully. They will work together to create and perform an advert selling their product, exploring jobs in design, marketing and media along the way.

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Curriculum Links:

  • English – Speaking, listening and sharing ideas

  • Maths – working out product prices

  • Design and Technology – Using creativity and imagination, pupils design a new product.

  • Drama – Use dramatic techniques, including working in role to create an advert.

  • PSHE – Identifying and practicing skills for success.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Learning what an entrepreneur is.

  2. Learn about careers in businesses and enterprise.

  3. Develop skills for success.

  4. Design and advertise your very own product.

Logistics and Planning:

This activity can take place in the classroom.

This can be delivered as a half day workshop to one class or a full day to two classes, one morning and one afternoon. We can discuss break times and lunch times and adapt to ensure both classes receive an equal amount of time.

Typically for a full day we would look to break it down like this:

Class one - 9:00 – 11:45 (with a break)

Class two - 12:15 – 3:30 (with lunch break)

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