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Learn by Design developed the “Challenge Your Imagination” programme on behalf of ZEISS. Targeted at upper KS2 Students (year 5 and 6) within Birmingham.


ZEISS were looking to partner with a new organisation that could provide an engaging and impactful programme to schools local to their UK offices in Birmingham and as the country adjusted to the COVID pandemic. They were particularly interested in the marketing and branding aspect of the programme and were keen to reach a wider audience in Birmingham schools via a bright and vibrant STEM brand, dedicated to the science principles behind vision.


Learn by Design developed the “Challenge Your Imagination” programme brand, targeted at upper KS2 Students (year 5 and 6). The programme includes students’ resources, education communicator led workshops and an opportunity to attend and present competition designs at a finale event which is judged by ZEISS ambassadors. All learning is focused on vision, robotics and how vision impairments are addressed and managed within society today. A full marketing and teaching communications plan ensures schools are onboarded to the programme and where possible STEM ambassadors join the sessions to bring added value to the student experiences.

91% of learners gave the programme a 4 or 5 out of 5 in response to ‘how much did you enjoy the programme.


The programme has now been running since 2020 and highlights of the programme include case study material, photos and videos and legacy resources that can be used across further year groups.


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The workshop was highly informative and engaging. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about optics, vision, light, and programming robots. The workshop was brilliant for raising awareness of STEM and giving children the opportunity to engage with STEM. A huge thank you to the team for visiting Shirestone and inspiring our children.

Nadeem Bashir, Head Teacher, Shirestone Academy

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