UTC Recruitment Packages

Learn By Design offer tailored and effective recruitment packages to all UTC colleges in the aim of achieving increased public awareness and engagement in the world class facilities a UTC has available. Achievement of critical pupil admission numbers would be Learn by Design’s core aim whilst highlighting the UTC unique learning opportunity for higher education.

Our 20 year track record of working with schools and young people, Local Authorities and employers, directly within the STEM careers agenda, provides re-assurance and credibility as we reach out to potential students and their parents.


Our track record includes:

• Strategic provider of Big Bang fairs
• Tomorrow’s Engineers workshops and programmes for year 8 and 9 learners
• School based inspiration STEM workshops
• Enterprise and Motivation sessions
• Extensive “keep warm” communication programmes as part of our National Citizen Service delivery

Led by our Programmes Director, Louise Curd (previously the Project Director of the Derby Manufacturing UTC, successfully launched having achieved stretching predicted recruitment numbers) we can create a unique and value for money support package.

This unique combination, alongside our political and corporate experience, makes us the ideal partner, to support and realise your aspirations and goals.

UTC package 2015

Please contact our Director of Programmes: Louise Curd email: louisecurd@bydesign-group.co.uk Tel: 01827 316297

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