Circuits Challenge

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Groups of approximately 30 learners

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Keystage 2 and 3

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45 - 90 minutes

About the Workshop

  • An introduction to what is electricity and how it is conducted.

  • Class discussion and demonstration of different conductors and insulators using an energy stick.

  • Introduction to circuit symbols, types of circuits and voltage in circuits though a demonstration.

  • Small teams then work through a series of increasingly difficult circuits challenges.

  • Learners finish by finding out about careers in electric engineering.

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Room requirements:

  • Standard classroom with plenty of floor space.

  • Projector and screen.

Skills Builder Framework Links:

  • Listening

  • Problem solving

  • Teamwork

  • Aiming high

Curriculum links:

Maths, Science, D+T

  • Make predictions using scientific knowledge and understanding.

  • How can we use a circuit to tell if an object is a conductor or insulator, or broken?

  • Why do we use symbols to represent circuit components?

  • How do we know if there is current in a circuit?

  • What is the difference between series and parallel circuits?

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