DANCE @ Home

Welcome to your 6 week Dance course with Charlotte!

For the next 6 weeks, Charlotte will be teaching you two American style dances within one routine and at the end of the 6 weeks the whole routine will be put together for you to perform infront of

your family & friends.

Watch our introduction to our new Dance programme here:

Every Wednesday, for the next 6 weeks, a new video will be uploaded of the next part of the Dance choreography for you to practice, along with a fun task to complete.

And your first lesson starts here...

Lesson 1
Different dance styles

Watch the first dance lesson on the video below.

Make sure you have enough room space to follow the dance steps.

The video will begin with a few warm up activities.

Line Dancing

In South America ‘line dancing’ is very popular. There are lots of events and competitions. They dance in a barn and dress up as cowboys!

Line dancing started in England and moved to America.

People dance the same steps all together - they do it as a way of socialising and feeling part of a community, like how you might go to an afterschool club and make different friends!

Watch this video to see what it’s like to be part of a line dance!


Hip-hop has been around since 1980’s.

DJ's would play instrumental of a song so people could dance for longer.

Hip-hop originated from the African American culture expressing themselves.

*skip to 40 seconds

Watch this video to see what original hip-hop dancing was like!

Next lesson coming soon!

Lesson 2 will be available on Wednesday 3rd June