Welcome to the Motivational Workshops brought to you on behalf of DANCOP

These sessions are FREE to Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire schools, as part of DANCOP government funding. Please visit their website for more information here.

Our Aspire2 Me programmes are aimed at delivering motivational and inspirational sessions through assemblies and workshops. This specific DANCOP programme achieves this through interactive talks and workshops led by elite national and international athletes.


Elite National Athletes telling their story:


Learners can hear first hand from elite athletes via their inspirational and motivational talks. The experiences shared are both personal and professional stories and bring an opportunity for learners to tap into their own coping mechanisms and rise up from everyday challenges.







Due to the current restrictions presented by Covid-19 our workshops can be delivered through a blended learning experience. They will commence with one of our motivational speakers doing an assembly session with the whole year group, followed by workshop sessions delivered by the speaker and another Learn by Design educational communicator, to a class at a time, across the rest of the school day. 


The young people will receive an engaging insight into the speaker’s own journey to success. The content will naturally differ slightly, dependant on the speaker and their own experiences, however they will all demonstrate where they have personally overcome barriers, such as injury, none-team selection, withdrawal of funding or similar. The motivational speakers will also reiterate the importance of attaining Higher Education and/or career pathways whilst pursuing careers in sport, illustrating that importance using their own life situations.  
All of our delivery team are energetic and engaging and have significant experience of this form of work. All students will also receive a physical logbook/journey passport where they can keep a record of what they experience, learn or become inspired to achieve.

The Workshop:

Within the workshop session the young people will reflect on their own personal skills, knowledge and attributes and how to utilise these to thrive in their current education setting and how these can be developed to assist with their progression to higher education. The session will include problem solving, risk taking and creative thinking looking at dealing with challenges in everyday life and developing action plans to assist in overcoming barriers.  
This intervention will help improve behaviour, social integration, and positive character traits. It will build confidence in their ability to meet their short-term academic targets by highlighting the relevance of these to their long-term future destination choices.  It will also stretch the participants, intellectually and emotionally.

Core principles explored within the sessions:

  • Self-Discipline & Preparation

  • Overcoming Adversity

  • Leadership & Fostering Morale

  • Embracing Change

  • Creative Thinking & Risk Taking

  • The Courage to Be Yourself

Impacts for Schools and young people:

  • Raising personal goals and aspirations

  • Productive learning and how to make a success of yourself in school or work

  • Building and enhancing self-esteem and self-belief

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Developing leadership and team-work skills

  • Accepting responsibilities and accountability, even in adverse situations

  • Improving communication and correspondence skills

  • How to enhance personal health and mental wellbeing