What is Destination Rail?

Destination Rail is a career related workshop day for primary and secondary schools, helping young people explore and develop transferable skills which are key within the rail industry. Key skills including teamwork, problem solving, innovation and communication help prepare learners for all careers, in STEM and beyond.

The Rail sector is already a huge employer within the East Midlands, but rail sector job opportunities are set to expand even further in the future, with projects such as HS2. Destination Rail workshops help to excite and prepare young learners for making the most of these future opportunities, by showcasing a wide range of rail linked careers, including customer service, architecture and engineering, thereby aiming to appeal to wide diversity of learners.

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Race to Construct Workshop

Destination Rail ‘Race to Construct’ workshops challenge teams of learners to build their own high speed rail line using K’Nex. Teams aim to score record numbers of points, by building the longest line possible, connecting up multiple different cities, and tackling a series of problem-solving challenges along the way.


Careers related learning is embedded throughout the workshop, with learners considering engineering in their track building and bridge designs, customer service at their stations, ecological concerns along their route and recycling of materials.

These engaging, hands-on workshops cater for a whole year group in a day, with half of the learners taking part during a morning, and half in the afternoon. Not only do Destination Rail days provide fascinating insights into how the skills and knowledge learned in school can be used in exciting future careers, but also aim to break down stereotypes around workers in rail industry and wider STEM jobs.

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