E.ON Competition -
Future Changemakers

Design a poster to save the planet and we'll show it to the whole of Birmingham

How we use energy is one of the biggest issues facing the planet right now. We need to be more imaginative in how we produce it and more responsible in how we use it.

E.ON are an Official Partner of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, the world’s first carbon neutral games. And to show our support, we’re running a poster campaign across Birmingham city centre.


We want you to fill our posters with brilliant ideas that will convince people to use energy in a way that’s smarter and more efficient. If your idea is chosen, it will be displayed for everyone in Birmingham to see.

We need change, BIG CHANGE.
And that needs BIG IDEAS.
So we need YOUR HELP.

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Enter your idea



to help make your
school more sustainable.
Winners will see their ideas
displayed on posters across
the city of Birmingham. 

Further prizes of £5,000 and
£2,500 will go to the runners up.
Solar Panels

The Challenge

Create an eye-catching poster that has one simple aim: to persuade the public to change how they use
energy for the better. How you do this is up to you. You could ask people to make big changes, like switching to an electric car or installing solar panels. Or ask them to make lots of smaller changes, like walking or cycling to school instead of driving. You could even invent an amazing new way to save energy that hasn’t been thought of yet.

A few pointers

• Short, snappy headlines to catch people’s attention and explain your idea.
• Pictures can be as powerful as words so try drawing your idea.
• Be original and inventive and show us something that doesn’t exist yet.
• Positivity rules so show people how good positive change can be.

Tips for running the activity in school:

  • Only got an hour?

    • 15 minutes: Start by challenging learners to think of as many ways they can help combat climate change (from different renewable energy resources to minimising energy waste)

    • 45 minutes: Get students to work in pairs to draw an eye-catching poster based on one of their ideas.

  • If you have slightly longer (e.g. Learner work on their idea over form times for the week or spend multiple lesson or two focusing on their idea as an end of term activity.)

    • Include a discussion around sources of renewable energy

    • Include a discussion of what uses energy in our homes.

  • Learners can design their poster on paper or digitally.

  • You can submit multiple entries from your school

The rest is up to you. Have fun, use your imagination and hopefully your poster will help inspire Birmingham to be a
city of positive change!

How to enter:

Enter your design by filling in the information below:

By entering this competition you are consenting for your details to be securely stored on our server, and for your design to be used as part of a poster campaign for E.ON.


Winners will be contacted via email, and prizes allocated as per terms and conditions.

Once you’ve created your design, please upload as a digital image. This could be a photo or your work (as flat and as clear as possible), a scan of the image, or a digital design.

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Thanks for entering the
E.ON Future Changemakers competition.

Competition Deadline MIDNIGHT JULY 7TH 2022

Any questions? Please email us