E.ON Workshop

FREE E.ON Workshop For Year 7

The E.ON workshop, newly designed for 2018/19, will use engineering challenges to explore the importance of problem solving, creativity, and design in engineering and science disciplines.

Students will begin the two hour workshop with a short discussion of energy sources, renewable energy and electrical circuits. The workshop then moves onto the electric car challenge which requires students to construct, charge and operate a miniature electric car, with the intention of their car reaching a specific target. In small groups, students then use their creative skills to design a new, innovative product to aid with energy efficiency. E.ON’s charity, Dementia Friends, is also discussed, and students are challenged to try to make their product suitable for a person with the condition. The workshop culminates with each small group of students presenting their ideas to the rest of the class.

The workshop lasts for 2 hours and can be delivered to up to 30 year 7 students. We can deliver two workshops in one day, seeing up to 60 students in total.

Who is this workshop for?

Is your school based in the areas below? Then you’re eligible for an E.ON workshop! Make sure to contact us soon as there are a limited amount of dates available.


CARDIFF – Sept 24th-28th, Nov 5th-9th
LONDON – GREENWICH:  Oct 8th-12th
LONDON – CANNING TOWN: Nov 12th – 16th
DERBY –  Oct 22nd-26th, Dec 10th-14th
MANCHESTER – Oct 29th – Nov 2nd
LEICESTER – Nov 26th – 30th
NOTTINGHAM – Dec 10th – 14th
BIRMINGHAM – Please inquire for dates
EXETER – Please inquire for dates

What class room requirements are needed?

We will require a large classroom with access to a computer. Laptops will be provided for each team of 4-5 students. We will need table space for teams to build their creations, as well as reasonable access to a sink to help with the clear-up process.

How much does this cost?

These sessions are FREE as they are fully funded by E.ON.

If you would like to secure a workshop, please call 01827 316297 or email joannelong@bydesign-group.co.uk. These will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.