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Employability is a series of transferable skills focused workshops, aiming to raise career aspirations and awareness. Whilst valuable for all young people embarking on careers, these workshops are particularly beneficial for young people whom are currently NEET or potential NEET’s.

Themes explored throughout the Employability workshops include soft skills, aspirations, target setting, CV’s, problem solving, interviews and beyond. These are explored via a range of practical team challenges, with ample in-built opportunities for group discussion and self-reflection.

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Target Setting

Engaging practical challenges include personal target setting using four pieces of cutting-edge sports testing equipment to help young people understand more about the principles of setting SMART targets



Our exciting ‘robot rumble’ challenge is used to facilitate discussion and self-reflection around vital transferable skills (e.g. teamwork, communication and problem solving), enabling young people to identify personal strengths and areas for improvement.

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CV’s are also composed, whether first-time drafting, or simply upgrading. This is kicked off by partaking in a competitive quiz with a twist, as participants develop their understanding of what makes a great CV, whilst working in teams using wireless remotes linked to a ‘Qwizdom’ interactive system.

"Thank you so much for bringing such a varied, interactive and thought-provoking workshop to the pupils, who were absolutely riveted. They thoroughly enjoyed the mental and physical challenges, relishing the variety of working styles and problems facing them."

- Bruno Shovelton, The Dragon School

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