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Enterprise Day

A carousel of curriculum-linked enterprise activities

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KS3 & KS4

150 Learners

Full Day

Support your learners’ careers related learning with this carousel of curriculum-linked enterprise activities.

Throughout the day learners will rotate around 5 different workshops relating to enterprise and business management, led by our team of education communicators. These 5 workshops are designed to work with KS3 and KS4 and is particularly popular with year 10 students.

What's included...

  • An interactive game that develops knowledge of finance and investment (Money Maker).

  • A creative challenge that focuses on advertising and marketing a new product (Sales and Marketing).

  • A session focussed on the skills needed to plan a business including prioritisation and self-analysis (Business Planning).

  • Through a series of sports challenges learners discover the importance of SMART targets in business (Target Setting).

  • Learners compete in teams in this interactive quiz that links to all other sessions in the day as well as touching on different areas of the Business Studies GCSE curriculum (Who wants to be an entrepreneur?). 

Our Enterprise Day is ideal for secondary schools looking to develop learners business skills and knowledge. Celebrating National Careers Week? Add this fun learning experience to your school schedule!

The Enterprise Day Session Plan

By the end of these activities students will:

  • Understand how their skills and learning in school relates to real world careers and challenges. 

  • Develop teamwork, problem solving, speaking, listening, creativity, and aiming high skills. 

  • Recognise that enterprise and business careers and skills are for everyone. 

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Target Setting

Learners discuss the reasons behind setting a target before setting targets of their own for each of the different pieces of sports testing equipment, based on information given to them. 

Learners then rotate through the activities and complete a worksheet to support them in analysing their own performance. 

  • Sprint through timing gates 

  • Ball kick in radar inflatable goal 

  • Reaction time on a batak board

  • Look at the power they can generate by using a rowing machine

Part way through the session learners are encouraged to ask for advice from their peers about how they could improve, this is linked to business mentorship.

Session finishes with a review of what they have learnt, covering the targets they set, if they were successful and how SMART targets are a useful tool in business.

Sales and Marketing

  • An introduction to marketing and advertisement. 

  • Discussion around the 4 P’s of marketing and analysis of a variety of adverts.

  • In teams learners are challenged to prepare an advertisement campaign for a novel drink product considering the 4 P’s of marketing.

  • The adverts are presented to the class in a ‘Dragons Den’ style pitch. 

Business Planning

  • Learners are introduced to the basics of business planning including the Business Model Canvas.

  • Learners consider the Unique Selling Points of a variety of companies.

  • Learners develop an understanding of SWOT analysis before completing one for themselves.

  • Emphasis is made recognising the core transferable skills for success, applicable to the planning of anything from small-scale parties to million-pound business ventures.

  • The session ends with a prioritisation challenge around planning for a school prom. 

Who wants to be an Entrepreneur?

  • Introduction to the session and how to use the Qwizdom handsets in pairs. 

  • Teams score points based on their correct questions and how quickly they answer. 

  • The competitive and interactive quiz includes questions around finance, enterprise and careers.

  • The quiz links to all sessions within the Enterprise Day as well as developing knowledge based on Business Studies curriculum links. 

  • If time, the session also begins with a group exercise around net worth, where celebrities and business people are discussed and voted higher or lower by the class.

Budget Buster

  • Learners discuss what a budget is and the difference between a good and bad budget.

  • Learners consider the importance of fixed and variable costs in their budget.

  • Learners plan a budget for a business trip to Australia and then must determine if their budget has enough to allow for the unexpected costs.

  • The session ends by highlighting the importance of budget in work and personal lives and jobs linked to accounting. 

Money Maker

  • Short introduction to what finance is, and how investments work.

  • Students then participate in teams to invest in opportunities of differing risk levels in a practical activity.

  • Focus is made on finance related definitions before a discussion around careers relating to business finance.

Timetable Example

Variations can be made to support a 6 period school day. One of our motivation workshops, such as ‘Skills for Success’ can be added to create a six period rotation of activities and then accommodate up to 180 learners. 

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Interested in this Enterprise Day for your school?

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