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EPIC Engineers Workshop

We want to help students to be EPIC (Extra Ordinary People Initiating Change) in this FREE workshop covering S.T.E.M. topics based in the rail industry.

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We've teamed up with HS2 to start to grow skills needed now and in the future in the UK. This workshop is designed for Secondary schools students and will get them learning about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, focusing on the STEM skills connected to the railway and transport sectors.
It will get them designing stations, building tunnels and creating rail networks. They'll explore careers with augmented reality and strengthen their STEM skills in games and challenges. The workshop develops key skills and gives students an insight into the huge range of career opportunities available in the rail industry. 

We're also keen to show the diversity of people and technology within the sector and to break the stereotypes associated with certain roles.

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To be eligible for this free workshop delivered by Learn by Design, you need to be a secondary school in these areas:

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Schools in the West Midlands, Staffordshire, Crewe and the Black Country can apply to join a workshop with this supplier:

For KS3 students (11-14)

The workshop is delivered as a full day with 3 activities for up to 60 students in a school hall

plus you'll have access to online resources to use before and after the workshop!

The workshop launches in these areas from the 19th January 2022 and you can reserve your spot now!

Three workshop activities

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Students look at all the jobs needed to build tunnels and then are challenged to create their own model of a


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After analysing some job roles, they will create a team to design a station that will be used now and in the future in 2050

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In a four player game, students are tasked with building a rail service that reaches the most points on a

UK map

The programme links with the skills builder framework and during the full day workshop we let the students self-assess their essential skills and reflect on which they need to improve.


Learning Objectives

  • Describe the STEM careers available in transport infrastructure.

  • Describe the skills useful in a STEM working environment.

  • Understand how railway infrastructure is developed to satisfy present and future needs.

After the workshop we want students to feel that:

  • ...people like them work in the rail industry

  • ...HS2 and rail is an innovative place to work

  • ...there are so many diverse careers available

  • ...there are lots of different ways to access the route into work

With a skills gap to overcome and to encourage more diversity in engineering, we're keen to encourage an uptake in S.T.E.M. subjects at Secondary School. Highlight the career information they need to give them a boost into an exciting future career in the rail industry.

Expression of Interest for EPIC Engineers

If you would like to reserve a workshop for your school, fill in this form and we'll be in touch soon with some date options.

Thank you for expressing your interest in the EPIC Engineers workshop, we are just checking your eligibility and will be in touch soon.

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