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*EVENT CLOSED* The Big Bang Northants @ Silverstone

February 28


Unfortunately due to the overwhelming response, we are now full and this event is now CLOSED TO REGISTRATIONS.  Please do come back to us for next years event which will be bigger in every way!

The Big Bang Northants @ Silverstone 2018!

Venue: Silverstone

Silverstone Circuit
NN12 8TN

Date: Wednesday 28th February 2018

The Big Bang Northants @ Silverstone is brought to you thanks to The University of Northampton and the NCOP outreach partnership University of Northampton’s School Engagement Team



‘Dr Emily’s Weird and Wonderful Science Facts’  (Audience – yr 4 to 8)

Did you know that you can block a tickle? Or that we share 50% of our DNA with a banana? Would it surprise you to discover that snakes can bite you even when they’re dead? That cows with names produce more milk? Or that there’s a planet on which a day lasts longer than a year? And could it be possible that there’s an animal that does square poos?  Is it true that we make better  decisions when we need a wee?! In this fun and interactive science quiz show, Emily explains some of the world’s weirdest science facts.


Dr Emily Grossman:

Dr Emily is  an  internationally  acclaimed  science  author,  public speaker and TV personality. An expert in molecular biology and genetics,  Emily  also trained and worked as an actress and singer and now combines her  skills  as  a  science  broadcaster,  writer,  educator  and  trainer.

Emily  explains  science  for  a  wide  range  of  TV  and  radio programmes, writes books and articles about science, and  is best known as a resident science expert on ITV’s The Alan Titchmarsh Show and Sky1’s  fact-based  celebrity  panel-show Duck  Quacks  Don’t  Echo.

She loves making science exciting and accessible by explaining complex concepts in a fun and engaging way, bringing simplicity and clarity to others.


Duck Quacks Don’t Echo: Do Women Get Belly Fluff Too?


Cracking the Code: The Genetics of Superheroes’ (Audience – yr 7 to 11)

The comic books are filled with mutants; heroes and villains whose special abilities are genetic in their origin.  But what are real mutants like, and could we one day use genetics to make us superhuman?


Simon Watt:

Simon Watt is a biologist, writer, science communicator, comedian and TV presenter.  He runs “Ready Steady Science”, a science communication company committed to making information interesting and takes science based performances into schools, museums, theatres and festivals.

Simon is the co-creator and host of the new science panel show podcast, Level Up Human.  He has also written dozens of articles for national newspapers and websites,  is a regular contributor to TV, radio and web and is perhaps best known as a presenter on the BAFTA winning documentary series Inside Nature’s Giants and the Channel 4 special The Elephant: Life After Death.


BBC Radio 4: Should we Pander to Pandas? 


Chromosome 8 – Stem Cells: A Gnome’s Destiny


Atomic Science:  ‘Hair, Air & Water’ (Audience – yr 4 to 8)

Ever wonder how a plane stays in the air or how a rocket fuel tank works?  This show will blow away these questions and many more about how we move around our planet and the science we use every day to do it. This show comes with guaranteed learning, laughing and lots of audience participation…. Also the occasional shout!


PULSE CSI: Forensic Science Workshop (Audience – yr 7 to 13)

Forensic Science is a multi-disciplinary subject and this practical, hands-on workshop reflects this by drawing together and building on aspects of other core curriculum subjects, covering a range  of scientific practices, to extend the learner’s knowledge of practical applications of science principles and techniques.  This workshop introduces and develops the skills set, understanding and knowledge of scientific processes and their application to Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation. Students will be equipped with a greater understanding and appreciation of our Criminal Justice System.


Learn By Design: Robot Rumble (Audience – yr 5 to 9)

This workshop covers the effect robots have had in modern times and how quickly machines have transformed from assembly lines to astronauts. Young people will spend the majority of the session deciding which robotic attachment will assist their remote control robot and complete a challenge using practical skills and teamwork.

FUZE Coding: Coding with Basic (Audience – yr 5 – 9)

FUZE specialises in teaching text based coding from KS2 and above. Actually we teach students as young as five so we can also provide a tailored session to include late KS1 as part of the day(s) activities. We have enough learning material to accommodate KS3 students on the understanding they are not already proficient in Python.

Students will be introduced to a coding environment using real programming terms like [LOOP – REPEAT], [IF – THEN – ELSE – ENDIF] along with variables, graphics, audio, digital input and output controls, robotics and interaction with sensors.


Medical Mavericks: Careers in Health (Audience – yr 5 – 9)

Hands on workshop where you can take blood, record and print an ECG, try keyhole surgery, see inside your body with an ultrasound machine and take a picture of the inside of your eye! Introduces dozens of careers in the NHS to your students!


Mousetrap Balloon Show Workshop  (Audience – yr 5 and 6)

Science and mechanics are very much applied to our Mouse Trap Balloon Show which explains simple machines. Simple mechanisms including levers, pulleys, inclined planes, and screws are part of the primary science curriculum and the unusual application of balloons to demonstrate these concepts really grabs children’s attention.


UoN Sports Journalism: Sports Commentating Workshop  (Audience – yr 7 to 11)

Some of the biggest moments in sport have happened here at Silverstone? But what’s the science behind that story being told? Come and have a go at commentating on an F1 race and see Behind The Scenes of the commentary box with the University of Northampton’s Multimedia Sports Journalism team.  University course leader Marc Webber (no, not the old F1 driver!) will steer you through his experience of commentating on live sport, so you can have a go.

For further information regarding booking school places or exhibiting spaces to The Big Bang Northants @ Silverstone, please contact:

The University of Northampton Schools Engagement team on:
or alternatively contact: James Silcox 01827 316297 email:

You will be given more information on how to book your workshops and shows once you have registered.

Thank you all for your time and we look forward to seeing you on the 28th!

Download schools leaflet and How to Support the event and find out you can get involved with a science, technology, engineering, arts and maths event that will rival all others!


Calling all budding Science, technology, engineering, arts and maths experts in schools.
Enter your school into the Northamptonshire Schools Competition 2018!
Download a copy of the: Competition outline here
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See last year’s successful event here.

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February 28
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