Engineering Our Future

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180 learners

Keystage 3 or 4

Full day with 5 workshops

About the Course

This one-day programme sees learners rotate through a series of sessions, learning about the life and skills of an engineer

This one-day programme sees learners rotate through a series of sessions, immersing themselves in the life and skills of an engineer and in the potential careers and companies in which they could work. The whole day learning experience, consists of 5 Workshops that will show the broad range of career opportunities in your towns growth sectors, such as; 

  • Technology 

  • Infrastructure 

  • Transport 

  • Energy and Utilities 

  • Construction 

Throughout the day learners will rotate around different STEM workshops, led by our team of education communicators. 

These engaging workshops get learners to take part in interactive activities. 

They include: 

  • Developing learners’ ability to learn new technology quickly and work as a team as they compete in a VEX robot challenge (iEngineer) 

  • Using their creativity and innovation students consider a real world problem as they design a product of the future (Drawing board) 

  • Working in pairs to bust myths linked to engineering as they take part in this practical quiz (Career Hunt) 

  • Using research skills to identify new renewable solutions and present their findings (Solution engineering) 

  • Putting their problem solving and teamwork to the test as they race against the clock to solve logistics challenge. (Engineering Infrastructure) 


  • By the end of these activities’ students will 

  • Understand how their skills and learning in school (particularly STEM) relates to real world careers and challenges. 

  • Develop teamwork, problem solving, speaking, listening, creativity and aiming high skills. 

  • Recognise that engineering careers are for everyone and exist in their local area. 



  • Short introduction to robots and how they are used in different industries including medicine, manufacturing, and scientific research (e.g. mars rover). 

  • The class is split into two teams and the activity instructions are explained. 

  • Each team member has around 1-2minutes to quickly become familiar with the VEX robot and score points for their team. 

  • The game rules change throughout the session, challenging the team to adapt. 

  • A discussion at the end around learners’ ability to pick up a new technology and the pressure involved in taking part in the challenge. 

Drawing Room 

This workshop provides an insight into the innovative design side of engineering and technology careers, using various props (e.g. old telephones) as examples of innovation. Teams of students use their creativity to design an innovative product that tackles real world problems, before presenting these ideas to the class.

Curriculum Links:

  • Gatsby benchmarks: - Learning from career and labour market information (2) 

  • Linking curriculum learning to careers (4) 

  • Encounters with employers (5) – we can facilitate a career ambassador joining the day.

Skills Builder Framework Links:

  • Listening 

  • Problem Solving 

  • Speaking 

  • Creativity 

  • Teamwork 

  • Aiming High 

  • Leadership

Logistics and planning: 

All sessions are designed for around 30 learners. Some activities can be run with larger groups if requested. We ask that a teacher is always present throughout the activities, to support learner engagement and manage behaviour.

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