NCS young people invited to speak at Age UK Hertfordshire Annual General Meeting 2018


Learn by Design were delighted to attend Age UK Hertfordshire’s Annual General Meeting this November. The evening saw a plethora of guests as we joined together in celebrating the charity’s success over 2017-2018. As part of the evening, a Learn by Design NCS team had the opportunity of presenting their experience of working with Age UK Herts for their social action project.

The Meeting:

The evening kicked off with a warm welcome from the Age UK Herts team. We were then tasked with a fun general knowledge/Age UK quiz, which acted as an ice-breaker for the mixed group of trustees, employees, volunteers and partners. Following this, we listened to inspiring and motivational stories from a Befriender and a client who came to showcase how her life had transformed, thanks to the Age UK Befriending scheme.

 “It can be challenging but the rewards far out-way the challenges.”
–  A Befriender

“For me it’s a connection the world outside.”
– A Client

Next up was Learn by Design’s NCS team, which saw 10 young people take the floor.

Rose Gardner, Strategic Partnership Manager for Learn by Design – NCS, took the lead with introducing the team. This was followed by a small talk by the group’s Team Leader, David. The young people then spoke about how the experience not only changed their lives, but the lives of the older people they spent time with. Rose finished the segment by presenting Carla Johnson, Active Ageing Service Manager for Age UK Herts, some flowers as a thank you for her help in making the social action project a huge success.

“We would love to do this again in the future – you can hear from all the chatting and laughter how much the clients have enjoyed themselves.”
– Carla Johnson, Active Ageing Service Manager

Deborah Paniagua, CEO for Age UK Herts, carried out some ‘thanks’ to key people in the organisation, who had gone above and beyond throughout the year for Age UK Herts. The evening closed with a final review of the key impacts from the year, whilst highlighting the new goals for charity into 2019.

The Social Action Project:

Over the summer, our NCS programme partnered up with Age UK Herts for a ‘legacy’ social action project (SAP). This saw a group of young people from Stevenage give back to their community’s older people.

The SAP represented the need for ‘intergenerational exchange’ to help older people feel more positive and comfortable when in the presence of younger people. It also encouraged young people to be more aware of some of the issues and challenges that older people face.

To achieve this, the young people conducted research into Age UK Herts whilst visiting two-day care centres for older people. They interviewed clients to understand their likes, dislikes, childhood memories and the changes they have experienced during their lifetime. The team also designed and delivered sessions to entertain clients using their research.

On top of that, the young people created two films to showcase their work, delivered a presentation to the Age UK Herts board members and employees and provided a range of ideas to Age UK to help them increase the number of young people volunteering and supporting their work.

Client Feedback:

“I feel 10… no… 20 years younger.”

“We feel so happy following the visit, I hope that they come and visit again.”

“It has been lovely to be pampered, I can’t remember the last time I had my nails painted.”

“The students have talked about anything and everything with us, we have had a good natter about all sorts.”

Special Thanks:

To Carla, Deborah and everyone at Age UK Herts: Thank you for welcoming NCS to Age UK Herts and opening your day care centres to our young people this summer. Thank you for your warm welcome, your support and your words of encouragement.

You do wonderful work for older people throughout the year and this summer you have successfully engaged and inspired many young people too. We are deeply grateful to you and keen to support you and your wonderful work in the future.

“This type of activity really helps to break down the stereotypes of how ‘old people’ and ‘young people’ are perceived.”
– Deborah Paniagua, CEO of Age UK Hertfordshire

Our NCS students and Team Leader, David, thank you for delivering such an excellent social action project. Judging by the video’s and the comments from the clients and volunteers at the day care centres you touched many hearts and helped to make lots of people smile. Your presentation to the Board and Trustees on the final day was excellent. Finally, being asked to present at the Age UK Herts Annual General Meeting is simply awesome, well done. You should all feel really proud of what you’ve achieved.

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