Interactive shows to inspire learners


We have a range of interactive shows to suit all budgets, space and time restrictions. Each show typically lasts one hour and is designed to fit around the school timetable.


What in the world is STEM? Does it involve lab coats or swim suits? And what does Mr Bean have to do with it all? Getting young people involved in STEM is high on the UK’s target list, and Secrets of STEM is a practical and fun way to engage young people with some of the most contemporary topics including the cutting edge application of robotics, the process of design, and the role nature has played in shaping some of the world’s simplest yet most ground-breaking innovations. Find out more.


What does it take to be successful in business? And what does the term successful even mean? Can you turn money into time, or time into money? Back to Business is an interactive way to help young people grasp the world of enterprise. Find out more.


Where can I find motivation in the world around me? What can I do to prepare myself for mental and physical challenges? How do I acquire new skills? Strive for Success is a unique way to help raise aspirations and motivate young people using sports equipment to improve self-confidence. Find out more.

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