Name our Robot!

We need your help! Our mascot robot needs a name. Can you help us choose? 

Our robot friend has been at the forefront of our school workshop branding for the last few years. They are a key member of the Learn by Design team and are always ready to have some STEAM fun! They represent a whole host of key values that we as a company strive by, such as: enthusiasm, innovation, determination, curiosity and inspiration. They have even made it onto our most public asset… our van!

We have shortlisted 6 names that would be suitable for our robot. Now it’s your turn to decide which one they will be called! 

  1. Akito (Bright Person)
  2. Arti (Artificial Intelligence)
  3. Astrid
  4. Cosmo
  5. E.D.D.I.E (Education, Discovery, Determination, Innovation and Enthusiasm)
  6. Sparky

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