NCS Trip to Kenya with African Adventures

Do something amazing in Kenya with NCS Learn by Design

African Adventures is a social enterprise which specialises in educational trips and is dedicated to improving lives in the UK and Africa.

They are partnered with community educational projects in developing areas of Ghana, Kenya and Zanzibar. They provide humanitarian and financial support to assist with the projects’ development, which is furthered through the charity, African Adventures Foundation.

African Adventures also provide the same service as a mainstream tour operator and pride themselves on their personal, meticulous approach to organising your trip. Their friendly team are always on hand with support and advice to prepare you for your trip.

“Our trips are challenging, eye-opening and extremely worthwhile.”

Volunteer Roles

You can choose from two volunteer roles whilst volunteering on the trip:


Interaction with the children is at the heart of this role. Activities include: assisting teachers with lessons, reading stories, preparing meals, playing games and sports. The enthusiasm from children, who are so eager to learn, makes this role so rewarding.


With overcrowding an issue at the projects, improved facilities are needed to accommodate growing numbers and create more learning spaces for children. Clear progress makes this challenging and rewarding role so worthwhile.

*Those who sign up to take part in African Adventures will need to fundraise through school/college for part of the cost, then work with their Local Youth Board, and join with others who are going to Kenya to do a big group fundraising event to ensure they raise the required funds for the trip.*

Applications deadline is 31st October!

To find out more information, please contact Emily Moore on

Click here to view powerpoint presentation on the trip.