NCS Changing Places with Shift

Over the summer, Learn by Design’s National Citizen Service cohorts from East Anglia, the West Midlands and South West took part in the Changing Places initiative led by Shift


Uniting young people in speaking up about their local area for the National Citizen Service

The NCS set us a challenge: how do we get young people on their programme to feel part of a national scheme by uniting them in a common goal?

We have developed a national campaign, Changing Places, inviting young people all over the country to build up a picture of what it’s like in their area. By creating short videos, they showcase what they love and would like to change about their areas, and by watching other team’s contributions, they discover what it’s like where other teams live. Over 1200 young people in 48 towns took part in our pilots this summer.

Visit Shift’s website here to read more. 

• This news post was created by Shift – a registered charity in England and Wales – product design for social action.