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Go Plastic Free Challenge

Welcome to the Go Plastic Free Challenge

To celebrate Plastic Free July, we've got a series of challenges to help take you on a journey to be single use plastic free.

Challenge 1

First, spend a few days, maybe up to a week, gathering all the single use plastic from around your home. Imagine all this waste going to landfill or into the ocean!

Make a sea creature using all the items you found and use the upload area on this page to show us!

Challenge 2

Think of alternative ways to avoid using this single use plastic. Either make something that can replace some plastic you found or draw up some ideas.

Maybe make a No Sew Bag - instructions are here. Use the upload area on this page to show us all your ideas and creations!

Challenge 3

Let's see your ideas and creations in action. Have you found any shops in your local area who are plastic free? Show us the results!

Go Plastic Free Challenge -
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Keep checking back to see how everyone is getting on

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