Heroes in STEM

Mission Statement:

Heroes in STEM Event is a unique event aiming to inspire the next generation of young scientists and engineers with the STEM careers and opportunities available in the Armed Forces and Emergency Services.  Heroes in STEM will not only showcase the variety and diversity in STEM careers but also celebrate the heroes that provide the crucial services in keeping our country safe, healthy and functional.


Heroes in STEM Event is positioned as an event to raise aspirations and inspire rather than provide a hard career, recruitment message. The event aims to be a leading voice in the growing understanding that we must present STEM careers in their widest most exciting and varied forms to young people who have a limited understanding of what they could eventually do.


In 2015 the event achieved fantastic uptake from schools in the region with over 1000 visitors registered on the day and around 30 different activities and exhibitors attending and supporting.
View last years event: 2015 Event
View last years images: 2015 Images

We are currently promoting the event to a wider national audience as the event builds a reputation in attracting hundreds of schools and its pupils to the event, in the aim to encourage STEM subjects.
It is envisioned that Heroes in STEM could develop into one of the prime drivers for raising attainment in STEM subjects and reducing the skills gap by producing more Scientists and Engineers to fill job roles in the Forces and Services.

We are currently seeking funding for the next event to take place.
If your are interested in any part of the event please contact
James Silcox 01827 316297

Visit website: www.heroesinstem.com

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