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Learn by Design offers a series of motivation sessions that are commercially sold to secondary schools, often as a full set for a complete day of activities.


Sessions aim to raise aspirations and motivate young people, whilst equipping them with tools and soft skills to improve their own futures.

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Sources of Motivation

Sources of Motivation uses high-tech Concept2 rowing machines and venue race software, to investigate the impact of internal and external motivation factors on performance.

Personal Target setting

Personal Target Setting uses four pieces of cutting-edge sports testing equipment to help young people understand more about the principles of setting SMART targets. Students are given progressive levels of detail to measure targets and to establish a trend. The session closes with target setting techniques and application.

Mental Preparation

Mental Preparation encourages students to self-reflect by investigating personality traits and completing a personality types quiz. Attention then turns to how different personality types may tackle personal, professional, or sporting challenges, by identifying mental preparation techniques (e.g. visualisation) and considering the effect of external influences on this.

Skill building

Skill Building introduces students to the valuable concepts of skill prioritisation, SWOT analysis and the 3 stages of skill acquisition. Students are then challenged to gain a new skill in under an hour – i.e. learn to juggle!

Motivation Quiz

Motivation Quiz is a quiz with a twist. Using wireless remotes linked to a ‘Qwizdom’ interactive system, participants are guided through a series of questions based on skills and knowledge developed throughout the Motivation sessions, doubling up as either an introduction or recap.

for Life

Using a range of personal fitness testing equipment to analyse personal performance in comparison with national averages, creating a personal profile wheel.

mental health sleep and nutrition

Looking at diet, sleep and other aspects of mental health, this session aids pupils in developing their understanding of wellbeing and how it is achieved.

"The day was superb and inspiring. The students were all those who are at risk of disengaging and becoming NEETS and so, by their very nature, hard to engage and motivate."

- Jill Douglas, Alde Valley School

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