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The National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure (NCATI) is a new type of 18+ college that has opened in Birmingham and Doncaster. They are set up to give people the skills and knowledge needed to work in the rail, transport and infrastructure industry. NCATI are dedicated to inspiring and creating a new generation of skilled workers to join the fast-growing rail, transport and infrastructure industry where specialist skills in areas such as civil engineering, systems engineering and digital design are in high demand. These skills are needed to deliver major infrastructure projects now such as HS2, highways improvements, airport expansions and upgrades to the existing railway – and into the future.



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The Learner Experiences

Their courses can lead to careers in digital design, project management, communication and more. With state-of-the-art campuses equipped with the very latest industry technology, including virtual and augmented reality and even an ex Eurostar power car, the NCATI learning experience is like no other on offer in Britain. Their curriculum has been specially developed with employers from within the rail industry to ensure learners get the skills they need to get a great job and forge an interesting and rewarding career.

Taster Session Dates

Birmingham Campus

All our 2020 taster days have already taken place.

Doncaster Campus

All our 2020 taster days have already taken place.

Taster Day Timetable

A Cutting-edge Curriculum

Reasons to study at the National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure:

  • State-of-the-art campuses in Birmingham and Doncaster

  • Courses developed with industry employers and specialists

  • The first step towards a career in a sector that is fast growing

  • Learn skills that are in demand and train in the technologies of the future

  • British businesses need 203,000 skilled engineers every year until 2024

  • The average starting salary for a junior engineer/graduate is £30,557


Full-time Courses they Offer:

Level 3 Access to Higher Education Diploma

Level 4 Cert HE in Rail and Rail Systems

Level 5 FdSc in Rail and Rail Systems

Level 6 BSc (Hons) in Rail and Rail Systems

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