This is it. You're on the path to becoming a member of our NCS seasonal staff team! We're so excited to see the great things you're going to achieve on programme and we know you'll make an inspiring impact on our young people. 

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The following section contains a number of questions, which should be answered in a manner that provides evidence of relevant experience and skills that you possess. 

Building working relationships and working as a supportive team member - explain the situation:

Describe a situation and role you played, where you have had to work closely with others as part of a team, to achieve set targets.

List the key skills and attributes you used in this situation along with the outcome:

Creativity and problem solving:

Describe an occasion when you have introduced a creative solution/idea to a problem either in a previous or current work position or in your personal life.

How was the solution or idea implemented and explain the outcome?


I confirm the information provided in this application form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and can be verified by references from previous and/or professional bodies specified, whom I give permission to Learn by Design to approach and whose validity will be checked beforehand. Pursuant to the Rehabilitation of offenders Act, I declare that I have no unspent convictions and there are no prosecutions pending at this time. I undertake to notify HR of any material changes in the information I have provided, including any future prosecution or criminal convictions that occur whilst my details are held by Learn by Design.

In line with the vetting standards to which Learn by Design strictly adheres to as part of its contractual compliance obligations, I agree to a disclosure and/or security check should Learn by Design make me an offer of employment as determined by the job role. I will also provide suitable identification to support my eligibility to work in the UK and understand that failure to provide this by a confirmed start date will prevent me from working until such identification has been supplied. Furthermore, I will provide all information and qualification certifications as requested by HR within a timely manner, in order to enable the company to verify my eligibility to work on contracts awarded to Learn by Design.

I understand that any offer of employment is conditional upon Learn by Designs receipt of satisfactory references, criminal record verification, Security check, original qualification certification, identification and/or any other information as requested on behalf of Learn by Design. I am aware that non-provision of such requested documentation or personal misrepresentation or falsification of records may disqualify me from working on Learn by Designs contracts and may ultimately result in the termination of my employment.

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This application will be processed by the NCS recruitment team. Many thanks for taking the time to apply.

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*The information provided within this form, being in both yours and Learn by Design's legitimate interests, will be shared with the National Citizen Service and distribution partners (RDPs/LDPs) for the intention of initiating the seasonal staff application process. Your information will not be used for any other purpose.