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Here’s what NCS parents/young people had to say about NCS:

· Great Graduation Evening, so proud my daughter had a chance to shine, thank you
·  The great thing I found about NCS as a parent, was that it gave my son the opportunity to meet new people in new environments.
·  NCS programme has given my son confidence as he doesn’t normally leave his bedroom! Thank you.
·  Kingswood activity centre was brilliant along with all the great people.
·  I met some amazing people that I will never forget and with the ones I’ve spent unforgettable moments with. I have done loads of activities that helped me improve my skills, challenging myself and fighting my fears.
·  Meeting new people who I wouldn’t usually talk to and becoming good friends with them.
·  Independence
· Great experience
· Meeting so many young people and seeing them achieve much more than they ever thought possible.
· I have gained more confidence in myself.
· Made new friends
· Friendship and experience
· I signed up for my DofE residential and found so much more. Thank you for the awesome time!

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