NCS works with local charities

NCS works with local charities socially enabling young people to connect with their local communities.

“Learn by Design consider the relationships and collaboration we have with all charities in the NCS regional areas vital, in both supporting and enriching our young peoples experience when participating in the NCS programme.”

Partnership is central to how Learn by Design delivers the NCS programme and the local organisations and charities are key in providing an enriching experience for our NCS sign ups. Successful completion of Social Action projects are a valuable enterprise exercise and increases a young persons confidence and self esteem whilst engaging them with their local community. Learn by Design aim to build relationships with the broader voluntary, community and social enterprise sector to maximise opportunities for young people who participate in NCS. We work with a breadth of organisations to utilise their skills at the right place in a young person’s NCS journey.

If you are are charity interested in finding out more about the NCS programme and learning how young people can support your local initiative – please get in touch today. 01827 316297

Click on the link button to take you to our NCS page and find out the areas in which we deliver NCS.



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