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Our experienced team deliver interactive workshops in thousands of schools across the UK every year. We offer days covering Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), Enterprise, Employability, Motivation & Wellbeing to inspire learners.

We've developed workshops and programmes to help explore a variety of subjects in an engaging and interactive way, as well as explore various careers that can be linked to the S.T.E.M. learning. We also go beyond that by offering workshops that can help students find their motivation and resilience, so they can prepare themselves for any future challenges.

We've grouped workshops into subject categories to make it easier.


Some workshops cover a range of activities that can focus not only on STEM but also career related learning as well as motivation and staying positive so they will appear in multiple categories. Our workshops help learners develop a range a skills while having a fun interactive session.

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Space based Workshops

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Career Related Learning

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Full day programme of activities

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Area specific funded workshops and competitions

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Half-day and full-day sessions available for Primary & Secondary schools.

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Host your own S.T.E.M. Festival event! We can bring a host of expertise and fun activities to your school. If this is something you'd like at your school then email:

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