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Our experienced team deliver interactive workshops in thousands of schools across the UK every year. We offer days covering Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), Enterprise, Employability, Motivation & Wellbeing to inspire learners.

We've developed workshops and programmes to help explore a variety of subjects in an engaging and interactive way, as well as explore various careers that can be linked to the S.T.E.M. learning. We also go beyond that by offering workshops that can help students find their motivation and resilience, so they can prepare themselves for any future challenges.


Aspire 2 Me

Raise the aspirations of your learners with an inspirational talk, motivative workshop or rotational enrichment day.

Destination Rail

Pupils take on the Race to Construct challenge, to see who can win the most points whilst learning vital Rail industry skills & challenges.

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Engineering Our Future

Introducing Industry careers to learners in this series of sessions.


STEM Workshops

STEM workshops that are designed to provide an interactive and engaging experience.


Increase your learners understanding of the business world through a variety of topics.

Performance and Creative Arts

Meet our creative, theatre and education members of the Learn by Design delivery team.


Embed learners with the skills they will need in order to gain employment in the world of work.


Increase students awareness of the importance of wellbeing and how they can make changes in everyday life.

Career Related Learning

Promoting Career Journeys to young people.


Raise the aspirations of your students with a motivational workshop.

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Virtual Learning

We have a range of solutions available for remote digital or eLearning workshops.

Homework Help
Learning Resources

FREE Resources from quizzes, worksheets and STEM experiments:

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We would love to talk to schools about hosting their own S.T.E.M. Festival event at some point in the future - more details to follow but if you would like to express an interest for this then email: events@bydesign-group.co.uk

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