Climate Cops

Climate Cops

The Challenge

Npower have invested £20million in Brighter Futures, a five-year scheme to make UK schools more sustainable. As part of this, npower designed the Climate Cops programme to inspire school children to become greener and more environmentally aware in both home and school life.

Our Solution

Learn by Design developed an interactive and engaging programme which would meet the learning objectives for Key Stage 2 within participating schools across the UK. Climate Cops Academy days were designed to provide active learning on energy efficiency and renewable energy through hands on activities, video presentations and team challenges while also developing personal skills. The programme was also designed to complement npower’s learning resources designed for schools.

The Result

Since 2009 Climate Cops Academy Days have been practically delivered in almost 100 schools. It complements existing school timetabling and provides a half day programme for two classes each day.
The workshop has been flexible enough to adapt for pupils in years 3 to 6 using team work, observation, communication, investigative and problem solving skills to raise awareness of the consequences of climate change and energy efficiency.