E.ON Creative Conductors

As national delivery partners for E.ON, Learn by Design delivers a single extended ‘Creative Conductors’ workshop to upper primary and lower secondary groups in schools across England and Scotland, as part of E.ON’s wider ‘Energise Anything’ programme.

The aim of Creative Conductors is to inspire young people to consider a career in engineering and/or STEM, whilst improving understanding of electrical circuits, and practicing soft skills, including teamwork and creativity.

Teams are challenged to design and develop a product, which is powered by electricity and hence able to produce sounds via laptops when touched. Teams produce 3D working prototypes of their products, from cardboard and other craft materials, before presenting these to the class. This is facilitated by use of computer programming software called ‘Scratch’, alongside ‘Makey-Makey kits’ which enable simple electrical circuits to be built, and used as computer keyboard inputs.

Find out more about E.ON’s ‘Energise Anything’ programme.


9th -13th April – Exeter

16th – 20th April – Manchester

23rd – 27th April – Birmingham

30th April – 4th May – Scotland – Renfrewshire

21st – 25th May – Leicestershire

4th -8th June – Scotland – Ayrshire

11th – 15th June – Exeter

For more information, email jaderowley@bydesign-group.co.uk or call Jade on 01827 316297