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Big Bang at school event comes to Nottingham Girls' Academy

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Written and produced by Evie Wallbank during a week of work experience.

Industry Exhibitors are hands on at Big Bang Event

This week I have spent my time with Learn by Design to observe and partake in the work they do. This Tuesday I was lucky enough to take part in taking photos for the Big Bang event who came to Nottingham girl’s academy. From my perspective it was brilliant to see the students engaging with the different stalls by listening to the professionals and problem solving in activities that were set out for them. This event was a wonderful opportunity for children because whilst they were being taught about careers in the Royal Air Force, science, engineering within Rolls Royce and Nottingham university aerospace department and more, they were also having a lot of fun.

It was interesting to hear from Patent Attorney Dr Janine Swarbick who educated the students about her personal experience to getting where she is today, through university and studying and explaining her current job role. I discovered that a Patent Attorney plays a key role in helping new inventors keep their designs protected.

Interactive Activities that showcase science:

There was also a chance for students to try on a radioactive suit. Ambassadors from Nottingham University talked through the importance of the clothing and how they protect patients whilst receiving treatment.

A Batak board was on display at the AMAY exhibitor stand that evaluated reaction times. Students had to hit the light up buttons at speed, first normally with a timed score and then the exercise was repeated using vision impaired goggles that stimulated a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The results included reduced reaction score times. This was a great method to highlight how dangerous it is to be on the road whilst under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

The Royal Air Force had an interactive activity, this included 6 cups which were randomly placed on a table, the students had to stand in a circle, far enough from the table, all holding a string with 1 finger. The middle of the string had a circle which would tighten and pick up the cup. They then had to use listening and communication skills to make a tower of cups. This taught them to work well as a team and listen to each other. Communication and a steady hand were key!

To show the students that science is fun and engaging, one table had a magnetic slime station. This was good to involve the students, as they were able to put a glove on and play with the slime themselves and it was educational for them too.

Evie Wallbank - Work Experience student Year 10 from The Polesworth School:

Overall, I found the day to be highly enjoyable. I used a full range of Marketing skills throughout the day by taking GDPR Consented photos, doing social media posts and also a Instagram story that received a like by the Big Bang UK Stem Fair company themselves.

Please see below a video that has been made and produced by me Evie Wallbank, that showcase the Big Bang @ School Event:

I would like to thank Amy Green – Science STEM co-ordinator at Nottingham Girl’s Academy and Learn by Design for allowing me to take part in this work experience.

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