Breaking down stereotypes for women in S.T.E.A.M careers

Empowering young women to explore the breadth of careers available in STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) industry came together in Northampton this week.

300 young girls from Northampton schools (Years 9 and above) attended our ‘Women in STEAM’ event with the prospects of learning and engaging with STEM professionals through interactive exhibitors, hands-on workshops and an influential talk to showcase the opportunities that are available to study.

Hosted at the Kettering conference in Northampton, the main corridor was filled with exhibitors from various industries to portray the variety of careers;

We were thrilled to have an exciting range of exhibitors to showcase their trades with interactive activities to help promote important skills and what it takes to do what they do for a job. From handling reptiles and animals with Exotic Zoo, to making sturdy chairs out of balloons with Amey Plc, this was a school trip they will remember.

Alongside the corridors filled with exhibitors, a handful of groups from the schools took part in STEAM related workshops; the STEMinst Quiz, the Careers Curiosity Showcase and go-kart building with Max Velocity Events.

Avid supporter of The Big Bang Fair events saw us welcome, biologist and science communicator, Sarah Cosgriff, enlightening young girls about the forgotten women in science. With science demos and quizzes, the interactive talk left the girls questioning the roles of other female scientists and the impact they have on innovation.

Working in collaboration with The University of Northampton the day was both hugely successful and very inspiring, highlighting the need to encourage and showcase STEAM careers and showcase the fact that learning has no boundaries.

BBC Radio Northampton and ITV news came along to interview students about their thoughts on the day.

Jade Rowley, Big Bang Near Me event Co-ordinator shares:

“Women in STEAM was a great way for us to kick off an exciting year of events. Every student we saw was engaged and enjoying the activities we had organised, which was great! The feedback we have received from teachers, exhibitors, workshop providers and even the venue staff has all been really positive.”

Helena French, Big Bang Near Me programme Co-ordinator shares:

“It was brilliant to see so many young girls keen to find out more about STEM careers and try out all the hands on activities available.”

With special thanks to the following exhibitors for attending and making the event a very influential one:

· AmeyPlc

· Immersive Experiences

· Rotary International

· Exotic Zoo

· University of Northampton- Science, Psychology and Occupational therapy

· Army Careers

· Freyssinet Ltd

· Dr Martens Apprenticeship

· Max Velocity Events

· Sarah Cosgriff

Are you an educational provider or have a cohort of students who would benefit from careers inspiration? Get in touch today and see how we can help you facilitate a careers event in your region: 01827 316 297 or contact us here

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