E.ON Summer Camp: A summer to remember

Learn by Design worked on behalf of E.ON to deliver a week-long residential summer camp this July. Based at the stunning location of Beaumanor Hall in Loughborough, 47 students aged between 11 and 13 took part in the enthralling experience, where they discovered new skills and friendship that will help shape their future.

Each day involved intriguing activities and visits to a variety of places such as, Blackburn Meadows Power Station, with the aim of engaging students in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) activities.

What did the students do during their week?

Monday: The students had fun with the carousel of activities such as wind turbines, electric cars and communication games. Here, the students started to create new friendships that continued to grow over the week.

Tuesday: All the Students visited Hockerton Housing Estate, a sustainable eco-housing project. Here they learnt about ways to be energy efficient.

Wednesday: Visit to Blackburn Meadows Biomass Power Station activity. The students learnt how the power station worked. In the evening they had a lot of fun joining in with a ‘murder mystery’ game.

Thursday: Students took part in a team design challenge to come up with an innovative energy-efficient product before presenting their ideas to a panel of guest judges. On the last day, one of the groups pieces of work was announced as the winner and then had to stand in front of an audience to share what they had produced together.

Friday: An awards ceremony took place, where all children were awarded a certificate and an E.ON goody bag for demonstrating a particular strength or skill throughout the week, for example ‘teamwork’, ‘knowledge’ and ‘overcoming barriers’.

Staff Experience:

Jade Rowley is an Administrative Assistant for Learn by Design who has recently been out and about on various events, gaining experience in education delivery.

“It was a great week for everyone involved. Students particularly enjoyed the tour around Blackburn Meadows Power Station to learn about biomass energy, and all the evening activities we organised at Beaumanor Hall. Some didn’t want to leave at the end of the week.”

Jill Clark is a Senior Education Communicator for Learn by Design, who co-organised the residential experience.

“The week at Beaumanor Hall was absolutely fabulous. The young people were enthusiastic, motivated and focused, and got a huge amount out of the week on both academic and social levels.

Over the course of the week we saw young people expand their knowledge of renewable energy and other energy related topics and they asked pointed questions that showed they understood the topics and recognised the issues at hand.

Furthermore, we saw a number of the participants come out of their shells and make solid friendships with others, which was particularly impressive given that many came along without knowing anybody else.

We were sorry to see the young people go at the end of the five days, and many of them expressed a desire to stay longer. We had a whale of a time and we know for sure that the young people did too.”

View photos from the experience here.

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