LBD Rail Challenge is launched at Ellis Guilford School Nottingham

Louise Curd - Director of Programmes at Learn by Design delivering LBD Rail

LBD Rail Challenge:

Ellis Guilford School in Nottingham are currently hard at work studying a project brief, designed by Learn by Design to encourage the exploration into the wealth of rail careers that exist in the industry today. Funded by DANCOP, the Rail based Enterprise sessions, challenges students to design a Railway station in their local area.

School location and LBD Rail school worksheet resources

Universal Design

Exploring the vital elements that impact on a railway station design, is at the forefront of student learning. Each session encourages discussion and collaboration on elements such as location, management roles, branding, customer experience, whilst most importantly providing a seamless all-inclusive environment for anyone using public transport. Future thinking, innovation, sustainable power sources and research, are all part of the learning sessions, aiding students to think of our society, as one whole.

Session highlights

The video below has been used within the session to highlight the importance of universal design and encourage thinking of the diversity that exists within our society today:

Presentation Day

The challenge to come up with an overall universal design will be presented to a panel of judges at the end of a 4 week design process. We hope to report back on their final designs.

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