Learn by Design Launch NCS GradCast as part of National NCS Local Action Groups.

Updated: Mar 30

NCS Grad Cast

Welcome to Gradcast, a youth led podcast tackling issues prevalent to young adults across the UK. As young people, we often feel underrepresented in society, so we created our own podcast to help give us a voice. Over five episodes, we discuss issues surrounding the meaning of life, race and inequality, mental health, politics and body image and what they might mean for us. Our diverse team includes directors, hosts, researchers, editors, music producers and illustrators aged 16-19. Created entirely remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions, we’re showing that a recording studio and huge financial budget aren’t needed to create a podcast from scratch. Enjoy a new episode every month over on our Youtube channel!


Launch of NCS Grad Podcast:

NCS Graduates talking about race and equality with a Q&A session to talk with peers and gives information on how you can also get involved.

Podcast made by young people for young people.

Launch 31st March 2021.

Find out more: https://wearencs.com/local-action-groups

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