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Lockdown won't stop creativity!

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

We understand lockdown isn’t easy for parents or young people and let’s be honest, there doesn’t seem to be any light at the end of tunnel at this present time. Don't despair, take this time to be mindful and get in touch with the creative side of our world. Young people may not remember the significance of the COVID virus, but they will very much remember how we adults, teachers, educators and guardians reacted in response to it.

Learn by Design are encouraging and supporting home learning to continue where possible, by not only providing our own bank of resources but sharing and championing schools across the region. Our latest social media campaign aims to embed moments of calm into this ever-changing landscape through the use of arts therapies and related activities. We must remain focused and dedicated to the mission of staying safe and staying at home, whilst also keeping our mental health stable.


The inspiration and power of the arts play is vital in developing creative talent, promote mindfulness and enable family an opportunity to work together and connect in ways that enhances the soft skills required in curriculum learning.


Expressive Therapy Activities

Button below contains a PDF of all the Expressive Arts activities we have put together to help with any kind of mental health difficulties during this time.

Before starting any of these activities, it’s important to spend time deep breathing to clear the mind.

If you would like to see more activities visit our STEM@home page.


Follow our social media campaign #unlockcreativityLBD and share your creative activities with us.

Facebook: @learnbydesign


Proud to support the Skills Builder Framework.

We’re proud to be promoting the Skills Builders Framework into these arts based activities and you can find further information on here:

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