Look who's supporting The Big Bang Near Me Fairs!

We are excited to confirm that we have Florence Adepoju on board to deliver workshops and careers talks at all three platform events, Big Bang London, Big Bang Midlands and Big Bang Yorkshire & Humber.

At 22 years old and with a BSc (Hons) Cosmetic Science, Flow set up her cult beauty brand MDMflow. With her bold range of lipsticks, inspired by the glamour associated with hip-hop music and street culture, MDMflow sends a very clear message; be you, loud and proud. 

Flow has always had a passion for STEM subjects. She had always planned to be a pharmacist, until a summer job on a make-up counter, allowed her to realise she could combine her two passions – science and make up and become a cosmetic scientist. After seeing a youtube video of cosmetic science students at the London College of Fashion formulating foundations, Flow made a passionate application for the BSc (Hons) Cosmetic Science and she was offered a place on the course on the spot. 

Flow says, "I read somewhere that Henry Ford built his first car in a shed, so I figured if he could build a car in a shed, I could make lipsticks in a shed" Those lipsticks became her first best-selling line.

Since launching MDMflow, Flow is on a mission to address the lack of women in science and to promote STEM careers to school girls across the UK.

She was recently selected as a UN Mentor for International Day of the Girl Child. As well as increasing the numbers of women in STEM careers, she is extremely passionate about promoting diversity in the beauty industry. 

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