NCS group: WM1’s Graduation night

As this year’s National Citizen Service (NCS) summer programme comes to an end, we have reached the final stage of the young people's (YPs) experience; their graduation night.

This year, our NCS team have worked with thousands of YPs across the country, supporting many local communities through fundraising and campaign awareness. One of our NCS areas, ‘WM1’, have recently completed their programme and many of the YPs attended their graduation night; an evening all about their achievements, success and hard work over the programme.

With WM1 raising over £2,000 and a total of 7500 hours spent on their social action projects, it has been a very successful summer for this group of YPs.

The WM1 Graduation Night

A total of 187 YPs turned up on the night to celebrate all that they have achieved in the last few months. The night began with an awards ceremony, which included performances from a YP, which was then followed by a disco. Added features on the night included a photo booth, popcorn machine, slushy machine and a tuck shop; plenty for the YPs to enjoy themselves!

The disco was a great success, and everyone looked like they were having a great time, all thanks to the DJ.

A few words from the NCS WM1 staff...

Juned Ahmed NCS Project Manager for WM1 shares:

“This year’s journey has been a dream for me to work with all our YPs, making the programme fun, exciting and safe. This leads to say thank you, firstly to you all the young people participated in the NCS programme and making a difference to the community. Secondly to all the staff who made this programme work and all their hard work to make sure you had a safe and fun experience. Thirdly to my office staff as they have worked tirelessly behind the scene over the past year to make sure the programme runs smooth and giving the YP and staff the best journey on the NCS.”

Lian Jelfs NCS Senior Customer Service for WM1 shares:

“This summer for me has been such a humbling experience. Seeing the YPs from the first events (question and answer sessions then pizza night, info evening to departures and then at graduation) to seeing them all the way through their journey is a pleasure and to see the confidence on many of their faces is a dream!

This year’s NCS graduates were so well behaved, staff this year have been phenomenal, the wave leaders have made sure that staff and YPs have had Fun. The feedback we have received this year from programme has been our best yet! (for west midlands) we went with what the YPs wanted this year and the graduation was a fantastic finish to a brilliant summer”.

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