NCS south-west meets Bristol Mayor to support a clean city

Our NCS south-west Bristol cohort had the pleasure of meeting Marvin J Rees whilst linking up with Bristol City Council as part of their social action projects.

As part of a major initiative to capture the skills and energy of the city and address key city challenges contained within the Bristol Resilience Strategy, NCS has been named as a partner who can make this happen whilst broadening social engagement within the City of Bristol.

Bristol has ambitious sustainability strategies in place and is always seeking ways to innovate and work collaboratively to achieve its goals. Taking this approach on board our young people on NCS are facilitating and supporting a “Clean City” social action campaign which involves working with Bristol Waste and collating views and research around how litter effects the city and it’s people.

The social action study will be presented to the Bristol City Council on 3rd August 2017 in a showcase of social action findings in the aim to find more creative ways to engage people in keeping Bristol clean, having recently been named “Best City in England.”

Marvin J Rees The Mayor of Bristol said:

“It was a pleasure to have been able to help launch this programme.  It is great to see organisations helping young people to learn new skills whilst also creating stronger and more integrated communities.  I hope this work will inspire young people to be the best they can be whilst also helping to bridge the gap between some of our city’s more isolated groups.”

Rose Gardner, NCS Partnership Manager said:

"It was wonderful for students to hear from the Mayor, our students were inspired by what he had to say and really grateful to him for taking the time to meet and talk to them. We are delighted that the Mayor and Bristol City Council has shown such strong support for the NCS programme and we are very keen to see and report the positive impact our students achieve across the City this summer."

We are extremely excited to see how our NCS cohort deliver the project and present their work next week. This positive opportunity to engage young people with the chance to influence as well as impact, on possible action around a serious topic of waste in the city.

Learn by Design would like to thank The Mayor of Bristol for taking time to talk to our NCS cohort and share his views and life lessons that have influenced him throughout his life.

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