Pride in the Performing Arts

Celebrating the core principles of the arts, Learn by Design brought together L..E.A.D. Academy schools from across the region to experience hands on sessions exploring Drama, Singing and Dance.

Kicking off the day, Learn by Design's talented performing arts Education Communicator team performed a theatre extract, highlighting a theme of courage and friendship using animal character costumes. Choreographed dancing and singing routines, wowed the year 2 children from Millfield Academy and Forest Lodge Academy and saw an truly spectacular musical performance.

Performing Arts Costumes:

The talented Performing Arts Team at Learn by Design

Itinerary of the day:

Over 150 Primary children from Year 2 participated in a carousel of workshops that had them fully immersed in the world of performing arts. The aim of the day included encouraging children to be curious and think about the range of skills required in the arts, as well as talking about the wealth of careers that exist in the theatre.

L.E.A.D. Academy Trust:

Their vision is that...

...through outstanding leadership we will provide the highest quality education to enable every pupil to realise their full potential.

Charlotte motivating movement in the dance session.

Each of the performing arts sessions has their own highlights including:

Singing sessions explored:

  • Breathing techniques

  • Diaphragm exercises

  • Posture

  • Singing scales

  • Volume, pitch, high and low tone

  • Tongue twisters

  • How Energy levels impact sound

Dance sessions explored:

  • Rhythm

  • Expression

  • Energy levels

  • Beat

  • Co-ordination

  • Music

Drama sessions explored:

  • Scene creation

  • Character analysis/roles

  • Group work

  • Acting

  • Sequence of action

  • Expression

Ellie demonstrating singing techniques

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