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RAF Cosford played host in bringing 15 schools together for the Tomorrow’s Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge – Regional Final 2020. Over 130 students eagerly entered the RAF museum whilst carrying their robotic entries having spent weeks of preparation, testing, designing, retesting, mastering and coding their final robotic creations.

Check out photos from the day here

Sponsors of the challenge:

Helsington Foundation Engineering UK Royal Air Force Rolls Royce Network Rail

Robotic Challenge Day includes:

1. Robot that will travel over 4m as fast as it can.

2. 3-5 minute presentation about an engineering solution to a humanitarian problem.

3. Tackle various tasks on the Challenge Mat.

4. Robot Design – talk about the teams design, the parts, the programming, the sensors, mistakes, redesigns and what the team has learnt from the challenge.

The Speed and Control Challenge:

The day kick started with each team participating in the Speed and Control Challenge; ready, set, release – the coding of each robot design tested amongst cheering volunteers, engineers, STEM ambassadors and representatives from Tomorrow’s Engineers Robotics challenge.

Each robotic release was championed by Jon, founder of Raising Robots, with passion and enthusiasm – bringing to light the real incentive as to why schools and students should take part in #TERobotics.

Schools taking part:

The Burton Borough School

Highfields School

The Corbet School

Thomas Telford School

The Weston Road Academy

Severn Vale School

Nunnery Wood High School

Aldridge School

Christopher Whitehead Language College

Pershore High School

St Michael's CE High School

Wolverhampton Girl's High School

Barr Beacon School

Thomas Adams School

Space Studio Banbury

Challenge Mat:

Each of the teams presented their robotic creations as they were put to the test via various tasks. These included, moving up a ramp, navigating the challenge mat board and moving objects to key pointers showcasing skill, coding work and innovative thinking.

STEM ambassadors and judges marked each team on their skill and ability with teams scoring in areas such as:

1. Robotic showtime

2. How objects were moved around

3. Pollution Clean up

4. Retrieval of items

5. Battery store in the correct zone

6. How far Robots made it up the Ramp

7. Penalties incurred

STEM Ambassadors (left to right):

Steve Bruno - Volunteer

Kirsti WellsCadcoe Vijaya Kando – RCDTS/ HMRC Richard Baruett Rolls-Royce

Robot Design:

Part of the challenge encourages students to talk and reflect on their decisions and thinking around their Robotic design.

Weston Road Academy competently presented their views to STEM Judges.

Impressing the judges with their round up that highlighted their testing skills. Justifying the reasons behind design updates, testing and robotic reworkings undertaken, after experimenting with coding and distance, highlighted the hours of work and preparation pre event.

Judges included (left to right):

Ross Edwards – Babcock International Aviation HR Graduate

Peter Garbell – Retired Aerospace Software Engineer Ashely Green – Retired Robotics and STEM Educator

The judges expressed their views on how each team impressed them with their level of understanding and explanations for each design decision.

STEM Judges for the Project Presentation included:

Ali Fotheringham Phill Bradford

Both the RAF STEM Ambassadors:

Project Presentations

Wolverhampton Girls School on 'Growth of Sustainable food'

Barr Beacon School promoting 'The Power of Solar Energy'

A quote from the RAF STEM Ambassadors:

"Superb Research from the teams with lots of different ideas and innovative thinking. We’re very impressed by each of the teams work.”

The Finale:

Check out photos from the day here

Raising Robots, Jon had this to share during the finale :

“I’ve so enjoyed your company. I look on with jealousy as I wish I myself to have had more about me when I was young. You all are very creative and resilient, compared to some of the views you hear about young people your age. You are all brilliant and we have a generation of fantastic minds ready to take risks. It’s magnificent that schools have turned up and taken part in today’s Robotic Challenge” #RaisebetterRobots

Quotes from the day:

Student Quote:

“Staff have helped and supported us today – the challenge is less competitive and more about taking part which has made me feel happy today”

Student from Burton Borough said:

“I have really enjoyed the day, in particular the Challenge Mat as our team did well. I enjoyed thinking on how we could improve our design and see the results, once we succeeded each challenge.”

The Winners:

Check out photos from the day here

Thomas Telford: Speed Challenge winners

Weston Road Academy: Challenge Mat winners

St Michaels CE High School: Robot Design winners

Wolverhampton Girls’ High School: Presentation Winners

Futures Institute: Team Work Challenge winners

Overall Regional TERobotics Winners heading off to the finals at The Big Bang Fair @NEC 13th March:

Weston Road Academy and Thomas Telford – Congratulations!

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