STEM Careers Day big hit at Allenton School

Year 4 and 5 children at Allenton had fantastic time during the workshops. The children really enjoyed taking part in team work promoting activities. The sessions gave our children a great insight to some STEM careers and an idea of what these could involve. They also emphasised the importance of education for any future career choices. The workshops were very well organised, the facilitators followed all safety guidelines during the sessions.
Justyna Owen, teacher at Allenton Community Primary School, Derby

A huge Than you goes out to Lt Col Keith Spiers British Army and his team for supporting the days.

School Request:

Allenton Primary School requested a double STEM day for their Year 4 and 5 pupils. The two day Our Future Derby sessions on STEM Careers was facilitated in partnership with the East Midlands Army Engagement Team led by Lt Col Keith Spiers British Army

"It was a brilliant day where Learn by Design decided to go the extra mile and call in our contacts from the British Royal Army for a spectacular STEM day collaboration." Ifza Shakoor - Career Related Learning Schools Engagement Coordinator, Learn by Design

Robotics Fun:

Each morning was filled with Robotics fun where the children had a masterclass on the eight skills for success, the future of jobs and learnt exactly why coding is so important.

This was followed by a fun workshop with two types of robots - Botley robots to round up some escaped sheep and help the farming industry and Vernie robots to learn how to code using special lego robots and a tablet.

Feedback for the learners:

'It's my birthday today, and the robots workshop has made it the best day ever.'
'I love coding now, I cant believe how cool it is!'
'We learnt about scratch in coding and this is just like that but in real life. I love it even more now!'
'We need to learn about STEM and these skills because the future of the world is smart!'

Virtual What's My Line Assembly:

Year 4 were lucky enough to have a virtual What's my Line assembly. Delivered via Teams with a member of the Education Communicator Team. Teachers accepted an invitation to join the Allenton STEM group for live streaming into their classrooms. The virtual experience produced some wonderful questions for our two volunteers, an Intelligence Officer from the Royal Air Force and a Gas Engineer from Western Power. The children were buzzing with high levels of engagement and couldn't stop saying how much fun the session was!

Career Related Learning delivered directly into classrooms by STEM Volunteers:

The afternoon session was lead by our wonderful colleagues from the British Royal Army who came along with a catalogue trolley, full uniform and wooden sticks and a huge bag of elastic bands. The session was supported by 4 STEM ambassadors - two medics and two Infantry Soldiers who had lots of tales of their travels and how STEM is a huge part of the industry and how their jobs link in with Our Future Derby's skills for success.

The children were delighted and could not believe that 'real soldiers' had come in to work with them.

The children loved the workshops and commented that this was the 'best day ever!'

The day was a hit and we can't wait to collaborate in the future with our wonderful Army colleagues.

We would love to replicate the success of this day at all of Our Future Derby schools and further Primary Schools across the UK. All you need to do is get in contact with us and we will do the rest!


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