STEM careers day at Humphrey Perkins school

Learn by Design delivered once again another inspiring STEM Careers Day thanks to its talented Education Communicators. Humphrey Perkins School played host to the National Careers STEM event, delivered on behalf of Futures Advice and The National Careers Service.

The day brought a carousel of STEM activities to over 250 Year 9 students, split into groups of 6. The day involved:

  • Tower Tournament Building

  • Rail App Technology

  • Robot Challenge

  • Wind Turbine Renewable Energy

  • Target Setting

  • STEM Qwizdom

Students took part in hands-on activities with enthusiasm and charisma, as they used soft skills, teamwork, challenged ideas and had time to reflect on their future STEM career opportunities. All this bringing science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) to the forefront of education for the day.

Activities of the day:

The Tower Tournament session tasked students with careful selection of the right equipment needed to build a tower that would withstand a turbo fan force. Craft materials were provided but at a cost of limited tokens, encouraging pupils to think and draft out their perfect design. The challenge saw some interesting use of design skills, as the winning team used reinforcement techniques consisting of multiple layers of card structure.

Stephen Frew skillfully delivered the Robotics workshop with passion and flair as he urged students to re-assess beliefs that a STEM career couldn’t be for them. The students used teamwork and resilience to manoeuvre around a built arena with the use of remote control robots, as Stephen set tasks to compete against their fellow team.

STEM Ambassadors:

We were thrilled to have with us, supporting the day, STEM Ambassadors Ryan Black and Ian Daft from Barrow-upon-Soar – Plaster plant, British Gypsum, part of the Saint Gobain group, UK’s leading manufacturer of interior lining systems. The ambassadors brought hands-on help to students throughout the day, whilst bringing with them personal experience of apprenticeship opportunities within their field of expertise.

STEM Career message of the day:

“Science and engineering skills are used by us every day and everywhere. Young people have the power to make change and influence the world of innovation if they choose to study STEM, whilst having rewarding career opportunities that can take them around the world.”

Many thanks to:

We would like thank Futures Advice for providing the opportunity to deliver this STEM Careers event and Chris Greenall and teachers from Humphrey Perkins High School for welcoming Learn by Design team into their school for the day.

If your school or educational setting would benefit from an enrichment day, please call Louise Curd, Director of Programmes: 01827 316 297

View all images from the experience here.

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