Summer Transition Camp 2016 Highlights

“My daughter has enjoyed every bit of the two weeks and can now relax and enjoy the rest of her holiday without fretting about going to a new school in September and feeling alone. She is definitely more happy and more confident about starting her new school.” – Parent of a young person who attended Park View Transition Camp

The transition process from Junior school to Secondary school can be a daunting aspect for some young people and the principals of the Transition camp allows a smooth and effective introduction to the many changes that come with moving schools.

This year’s transition camp for Park View’s Haringey young people has been another huge success, giving the young people the opportunity to meet new friends, explore their new school working environment as well as improving confidence. The daily schedule of activities followed the same popular theme of last year with added music and drama workshops that engaged the young people and allowed creativity to flourish.

The Earth and Beyond theme covered various topics from space, climate change, family issues and super heroes and the young people produced some striking artwork that became one of the many camp highlights. Take a look at the photos taken.

Our Education Communicators led the 2 weeks activities and thoroughly enjoyed raising their aspirations and witnessing their new friendships develop ready for the new academic term.

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