TE Robotics training day

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Continuing the next EEP Robotics Challenge, the Learn by Design delivery team and marketing staff had a very productive day learning about what's new for the 2019/2020 challenge. From being updated on new aspects of the challenge, such as seeing the newly designed robot challenge mat to learning more about how the young learners assemble their LEGO Mindsotrm robots, it was a very enlightening day .

What is the EEP Robotics Challenge?

The EEP Robotics Challenge (TE Robotics) is a national competition which takes place over the months of January to March 2020 with the finals taking place at The Big Bang Fair National at the NEC in Birmingham. The competition challenges young people aged between 11-14, to work as a team to design and build their own robot, using LEGO Mindstorms, and to compete against other schools in various challenges at their regional event. At the beginning of the challenge in 2015/16, only 25 schools participated, since then, the EEP Robotics Challenge has grown dramatically, whereby up to 471 schools took part in the 2017/2018 regionals.

LEGO certified trainer, John Pinkney, from Raising Robots facilitated the training day.

John has experience in delivering the teacher training days prior to the competition and the company, Raising Robots, helps design the robotics challenge.

“Training teachers is very important to help support the learning for the challenge.” – John Pinkney.

Other Delivery Partners

Other delivery partners attended the day to learn more about the newly designed challenge for this year:

· STEM First

· Sentinus (Northern Ireland)

· SEDI (Scotland)

The Challenge

The challenge begins with a 30 second ‘Robot Showtime’, where the teams will then have a remaining 5 minutes to complete the rest of the robot challenge mat, (this year’s challenge time frame has increased to 5 minutes 30 seconds).Other elements of the challenge include the Speed and Control challenge, the Robot Design, Presentation and the unseen challenge!

Building LEGO Mindstorm robots

Part of the training day included learning about how to build the mindstorm robots. This was a great activity to acknowledge the different parts the schools receive in their packs for them to use to design and construct their own unique robot.

The Sponsors

Featuring this year’s sponsors of the competition:

Teacher Help

Teachers can now download resources such as the Robotics Challenge guide PDF and get support from the Raising Robots website here:

All schools should receive their resources pack no later than mid-October, if you haven’t by then, please contact: charlotterollings@bydesign-group.co.uk

Other helpful resources:

Robotics learning videos: https://raisingrobots.com/challenge/

LEGO MINDSTORMS Education software: https://education.lego.com/en-us/downloads/mindstorms-ev3/software

LEGO support: https://education.lego.com/en-gb/support

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