The East Midlands Big Bang Fair 2019 BOOMS!

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

The Big Bang was heard quite literally, as the East Midlands Big Bang Fair kicked off at the Derby Arena on 27th June 2019. Reports stretched as far Mackworth, that a BANG sound was recorded to have made impact on the city. Chatter escalated Derby Arena as it was thought The Bloodhound had been launched!

“Anyone else hear/feel a huge explosion and loud bang between Nottingham and Derby area? The whole road was outside looking to see what it was..” news report here

The bang, was in fact caused by two RAF jets escorting an Air India flight! We're happy to claim that it was the excitement of the event opening.


Derby City Council sponsored the event for the fifth year running, ensuring the event stays firmly embedded in the Derby region, whilst also providing the funds to make this year’s event bigger and better than ever. Seeing over 4,000 young people pour through the doors of Derby Arena. Testament to the incredible passion Derby has to infuse everything STEM in the minds of pupils across the region.


We welcomed Andrew Smyth, new to the event this year and renowned for his exploits on The Great British Bake Off. Delivering an educational show highlighting how baking techniques can be used to show us the world of product structure in industry. From honeycomb to treacle – structure and pockets of air, the interactive show explored the surprising connections between everyday bakes and the extraordinary engineering that helps keep astronauts alive I space.

Andrew Smyth - Engineer and Baker


Do you know what happens when bubbles are filled with gas? The Bubble show had pupils jumping out of their seats, as the show unravelled the mystery of gases and diffusion. An explosive atmosphere was on hand to wake pupils up. View the video below:

A carousal of 8 workshops included Fuze coding and Fossil Detectives. Pupils were spoilt for choice when finding time in the frenzy of activity on the day. Tailored workshops are fabulous at allowing young people to experience careers and glimpse into the world of scientists, coders, geologists, designers and medics.


This year, Big Bang East Midlands approached the things differently – heading up each corner of the arena into branded sponsored zones:

The innovation zone – sponsored by Bombardier Inspiration zone – sponsored by Rolls-Royce Imagine zone – sponsored by DCG Wonder zone – sponsored by University of Derby

Each zoned area was packed full of companies ready to show innovation in our world of business, engineering, the medical profession, rail and nature. Live demonstrations and have-a-go activities is key to the success of each Big Bang Fair.


Thank you to Meadow Farm Primary School Derby for consenting to the images captured below:

Meadow Farm Primary School

The Show Guide can be viewed here



INNOVATION AWARD: Loughborough High School ; Visi-bowl

ENTHUSIASM AWARD: Rugby High School ; Strong sustainable & biogradable -A study of plastic bags

COMMUNICATION & PRESENTATION AWARD: Hinkley Academy & John Cleveland 6th Form ; Plant Bioluminessence

REAL WORLD APPLICATION AWARD: Loughborough Grammar school ; iFirst Aid

YOUNG ENGINEER OF THE YEAR AWARD: Loughborough Grammar school ; Global Glass

YOUNG SCIENTIST OF THE YEAR AWARD: Hinkley Academy & John Cleveland 6th Form ; Natural Born Killers

OVERALL WINNERS: Rugby High School ; Fillet Radii

Social media can be viewed by following #TBBEM2019


Learn by Design and The Big Bang Team would like to pay huge thanks to the sponsors, schools, teachers, judges and volunteers from the event.

Email for information on next year's event.

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